Legendary Shards

Legendary Shards

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“Remnants of powerful items.”

With the Destiny 2 release we found out that Xur was looking for a new currency. While these Shards aren't just random drops like we got used to, but they do come at a price. The easiest way to get them is to sacrifice our hard earned Legendary or Exotic items. That is until now.

They come at such a price in the game but now you can get your hands on your very own. Each one of these gems are pressure cast in a clear purple resin giving them a brilliant translucent shine. Measuring in at approx. 2 ¾ in. long by 7/8 in. at the widest point. These are perfectly sized to slip in your pocket, hang from your keys, or display on a desk or shelf.

These make great gifts for the guardian in your life. Have some legendary Shards in your pocket next time you hang out with your favorite fireteam.

For every 3 legendary shards you order you also get a free display stand to show them off at no extra cost. That also means if you order 9 you get 3 free stands with your order.